UX Week / Wellings & Gray / Turning a developer-driven organization into a UX company

Paula Wellings & Cameron Gray (Adaptive Path)
People don't want features- turning a developer-driven organization into a UX company

Designer - very interested in how and why people do things
Like puzzles - people puzzles
Inflection points - sensitive period for change

The team
Design strategist

The plan
Grok the situation
Understand the existing product
Generate a shared vision - concept workshop

5 critical moves
1) There are no quick wins (wizards & contextual help, visual design). Change the organization. People with new jobs. Time. A year.
2) Everybody plays. How to avoid too many cooks in the kitchen. Leverage knowledge of the organization. List all the known needs. Identify the ones I really must meet. I need to know I'm really connecting with my customers and that that there're getting. Gather every good idea. Everybody can prioritize.
People want to be part of their future.
3) Tools to think with. Differentiate and clarify the competitive landscape. Represent customers so they are the focus of the decision-making. Principles that put customers first. The system is the face of the trainer.

Empower people to focus by saying no. Simplicity. Tools to push aside VP's pet project.

4) Encourage fishing. Change your thinking. Change your vocabulary.

"Pizzability." Whole company would get together over pizza to watch usability sessions. Test with real users. Submit an idea. Community questions and answers.

Agile team that releases something every 4 weeks.

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