Mobile-friendly: The mobile web optimization guide

A force of nature?

It's easy to see why people wish to make their sites mobile friendly; Gartner research suggests that by 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide. And don't forget other visits from devices such as games consoles like Nintendo Wii, DSi, web-enabled TVs, in-car browsers and the like.

Many customers are already using mobile devices as their main method of Web access, particularly in emerging markets — theJuly 2009 Statistical Report on Internet Development in Chinastates that the proportion of [people] accessing the Internet by mobile increased enormously from 39.5% in late 2008 to 46% in June 2009, while the proportion of using desktops and laptops decreased. That translates to 150 million people. In the developed world, many have a mobile device as their secondary method of accessing the Web while they’re out and about.

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Friend its a beautiful and important post for me, Since the internet first began to gain popularity, when HTML was widely used by all and flashing, brightly colored fonts were scattered across gaudy backgrounds, things have changed.
Thanks for this great sharing.