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Mediated Culture - New Future of Whatever
Michael Wesch - anthropologist
Guy who made the Web 2.0 video in a basement in Kansas

Media are not just tools. When media changes, relationships change. We reorganize our lives and the way we do things. Conversations change, and its the conversations that form our culture.

In the midst of unprecedented cultural change and incoming stimuli... Whatever.
MTV generation
I find it hard, I find it hard to change... Whatever.
Generation Me
Search for identity and recognition
In this critical moment they're bombarded by new media.

McLuhan. We shape our tools and our tools in turn shape us.

Web is not just about linking information. The Web is about linking people.
Web 2.0 video
User generated content
User generated filtering. Digg
User generated User generated distribution. Blogging. These days were all about blogging.
Google picks it up. User generated prioritization.
Web 2.0 video made in basement in Kansas beat out superbowl videos.
Long slow death of the middleman.

If we were to reform government digital, it would look quite different.

We know ourselves through our relationship with others
20,000 videos addressed to the YouTube "community"
What kind of community is it?
Webcam mediates the YouTube community. You don't know who's going to watch you, what context, when.

6 decade decline of community. We now bowl alone.
Cultural inversion. Express individualism. Value community. Replay. ReCOGnition. Watching. Anonymity. Physical distance. Hatred as public performance.
Freedom to watch humanity without fear or discomfort.
Media creates distance. Media connects us in different ways. Sometimes the distance connects us in deeper ways. Create new forms of understanding.

Hero for our mediated culture. Free hugs.
Global conversation. New voices. No longer a one way conversation.

Designing the new possibilities of human connection.
Collaboration of layers upon layers.

Kenya Ushihiti - citizen documentation of Kenyan elections
Open Street maps - citizen created, not google Future: I care. Let's do whatever it takes to make a difference.

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