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  • We want to be a fun, inspiring place where you make your own 3D designs come to life using 3D printing.
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Ponoko – Buy Make and Sell Almost Anything

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Backwards Beekeepers

Avocado honey!

How fascinating... DIY honey!

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Microsoft's vision of the future (parody)

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From: "Denton, Jim (Experience Design Lead)" <>
Date: May 20, 2009 4:20:28 PM PDT
To: "Denton, Jim (Experience Design Lead)" <>
Subject: Microsoft's vision of the future (parody)

Funny parody, although also some interesting brainstorm-ish concepts.

Jim Denton
  Experience Design Lead
    Sr. Interaction Designer
      HP San Diego

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Cut your cable!

Computerworld - As part of my transition to semi-nomadic living and gadget-consolidation project, I canceled my subscription to cable TV and returned the cable box and remote.

I assumed tradeoffs in this arrangement: I would end up with an inferior TV experience, but save money. What I discovered, however, is that the overall experience is actually better. Much better.

Finding a show is easy: Just Google it.

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