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Don't Forget the Humans- Service Design
Christi Zuber & Chris McCarthi - Kaiser 

9 million patients - big organization
3 designers - small but mighty

Patient centered
Human centered - If your designing just for the patient, you're forgetting everybody else: doctors, nurses, etc.
UX means mediating the relationships btwn all these people.

Journey home board - gives patients and clinicians a common understanding

Nurses - medication error
What you ask them in words and when you ask them to draw it, you get totally different responses

Video ethnography. Video insights to bring back to clinicians.

Stop photography... Time-lapse video.  1 photo every minute in the world of nurses.  1 photo every minute in the world of patients.  Create empathy.

Innovation center.  
Co-Design. Enactments.... 2 day innovation session with doctors and patients. Lightweight video. Handmade constructions. Trigger to pay attention: when there's chuckling or grumbling.

Designers role is to lead the design with the lay co-designers.  Create change agents within the organization.

Try small tests of change.  Throw it out there and see the response.  "Leave me alone" vest.  Trigger to be focused, don't be multitasking.  Trying things really quickly, get feedback.  Don't give yourself a chance to fall in love with them.

Glyphish.com... Great icons for apps

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