UX Week Keynote / BJ Fogg / Persuasion & Behavioral Change

BJ Fogg keynote@UXWeek
Stanford professor
Persuasion & Behavioral Change

What changes behavior?
- Epiphany
- Changes in context
- Babysteps

Realities of human behavior
Mistake: design for the ideal context, for the ideal human
1. We're lazy
2. We're pack animals
3. We're creatures of habit

The Information-Action Fallacy (IAF)
Information doesn't equal action!
We're not rational creatures!

The Attitude-Behavior Fallacy (ABF) If you change attitude, you can change behavior
Persuasion equals changes in attitude? No, it's behavioral change!

Fun, Social, Easy!
If you want to create something that works, follow something that's already working.
Something humans have been doing for thousands of years

Not all behavioral changes are the same

What causes behavior?
- Trigger, call to action, prompt - new: now through social media, through more than one friend
*** Put "Hot Triggers" in the path of motivated people! ***
if you're not doing this, your product will fail!
Technology can do this!
"Hot trigger" - something I can take action on right now
Email, Twitter, Groupon, Mint

The most effective persuasion doesn't feel like persuasion at all.
I just want to get from point A to point B, help me!
But we go to Facebook or Twitter to get triggered (distracted, amused)

What's the role of motivation?
Not as big as most people think!
Good news: humans are (fairly) predictable. Most humans are mostly the same. Context is different.

Core Motivators
Pleasure and Pain (sensation)
Hope and Fear
Acceptance/Rejection (Belonging)

Ability - More important than motivation, people need to be able to do it
If it's not working, make it easier!


Behavioir = Motivation + Attitude + Trigger
All three need to happen at the same moment

Start with Trigger
Then Ability
Motivation last

In behavioral change, ability matters more than motivation.

Behavior Grid .org
Green behaviors - New: Try me. Overcome concern. Conversion, one time.
Blue behavior- Familiar
Purple behavior - intensify
Gray - do less
Black - stop doing it

What daily habits do you need in your customers?
Leverage paths customers already have.

Behavioral Wizard - online tool

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