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Nicole Lazzaro, founder XEODesign, Inc
Why the Future of UX is Play: The 4 Keys to Fun, Emotion, & User Engagement

Pdf of 4 Keys to Fun: Xeodesign.com/uxweek
@nicolelazzaro @nicolelazzaro, play experience designer
"I make games more fun"
Worked on Myst Series, take clients to next level of play
Undergrad degree in cog sci at Stanford: how people think, how to get people to tell their story (documentary film), how to program a computer

Worked on Tilt: first iPhone accelerometer game

How to use emotion to do your job of IX better.
For too long IX has focused on serious metrics
Emotions help people learn.

How will we pay in 2020? What kinds of experiences would people want to have?
Unlock the potential of 6B people and improve the quality of life through play?

What's missing? Cognition is only 1/2 the story. Emotion is silent partner to choice.

Experience design: 2 wheels on a bike
Ux usability
Player experience: emotion

Emotion helps us

Hard fun
Easy fun - exploration, imagination
Serious fun - meaning and value
People fun - social interaction "it's easy to tell what games my husband likes the most... I hate it, I hate it, I hate it"
He likes hard fun. Challenge. Clear obstacle, overcome with practice over time. Personal triumph over adversity. If at the very moment they want to throw the controller out the window, they succeed.

Danger of points: be careful what people chase. Can unbalance the game.

Mint: simplify the world. Amplify the feedback. Mastery.

Work is hard fun. Frustration ==> Accomplishment

Adding curves add more fun (racetrack): novelty, offers, moments of interaction that enliven the user experience.
Novelty vs expected.

Easy fun. Inspires and refreshes. Grabs attention and stimulates us. Brings your attention just here. Keeps you from running right by. Pure sense of interaction: tilting, shaking.
Increase curiosity.
Mystery egg in Farmville.
Google logo: promotes curiosity: I need to know what happened on lost this weekend. Inspires imagination.

Game. Simplify the rules. Amplify the feedback. Minimize the consequences.

Serious fun. DanceDanceRevolution to work out. Give motivation to Serious fun = Swiffer (bejeweled) Aspire and acquire. Apple iphone UI = bejeweled board. Enhance the sense of progress. Clear vacuum cleaner. I'm getting my work done. HHD defragment.

Reward = money?
Positive message?
Learning about environment?

What is the reward at 5 min? 15 min? 30 min?

People fun. Social bonding. Excuse to interact with friends. Mango. You had to have been there: social token. Something that increases in value with interaction. Gestures have a social-emotional profile. Petting my iPhone makes me happy.

Octorina: create sense of wonder and connection

Cute characters change the perception of play.

Wii: game designers design the emotional space between people and the game. Laughter. Breaks through the cognitive, increase connection.

Social emotions drive viral spread: social bonds.

Games = motivation systems. Innovate faster than productivity apps. Not user, but player (role play, ui to enhance role-play). Interaction design sends emotional message. Social emotions drive all of Web 2.0.

Player experience design. What's the interaction to create the emotion?

My vision of 2020: Everyone goes to work with the expectation of play.

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