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Jeffrey Veen, How the Web Works

Jeffrey Zeen, cofounder TypeKit
Cofounder Adaptive Path, core = web

If we understand how the web works....

Frederick Tudor storage:
Business model opportunity: getting ice in the summertime for a cold lemonade 200 years ago
Harvesting of ice from

Dr John Gorrie
Hypothesis: Humidity causes disease Invented mechanical refrigeration for tropics


None of the providers made the transition!

Gold Rush
Federal Express and Wells Fargo cut the roads: beginning of pony express
Telegraph = Victorian Internet
Moved to ebanking by telegraph

Napster + MP3 + Internet = iPod
Waves of structural change
Disruptive Ice. Health
Gold. Communication

The qualities that contribute tooth success of the web is what makes us successful as well.
"Native to the Web"

Rough Consensus: Directional, even if details in question.
Running code - if you can touch it, people can understand it.

TypeKit - mocked up on Photoshop to make it feel "real"

"If you're not embarrassed when you ship you're product, you've waited too long."
Reid Hoffman

The velocity and responsiveness to your users will set the tone on the user experience. Speed of iteration beats quality of iteration. Rough consensus. Get to running code as soon as possible.

Information wants to be free.

Web. This is where information and our memories will be stored. We have an obligation to protect the Web.

I love the web and I've dedicated my whole career to it. I hope you do too. Because there's still so much of it to the Web.

@Veen: the web is fundamentally different from anything & ppl creating for it have responsibility of protecting it #uxweek (via @OvaWorks)

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