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Service Montage - Christian Palino, Adaptive Path

Service = Intangibilty. Heterogenuity: Inseparability: Perishabilty.

Front stage. Back stage.

Formal. Informal.
Formal: rational, runs on rules, can script for
Informal: human, irrational, anxiety

Best western. Four Seasons.
Look same on paper, but emotional experience is totally different.


How can design for the informal? The human experience.
Designers like the physicality of touchpoints, but the don't communicate the value of the service. A lot happens in between the touchpoints.

Services don't follow a consistent narrative. Intangible. Ever-changing. Montage: each shot has its own emotion, own meaning. But all these touch points together (and the space in between) has a greater meaning.

Improv in design. Improv for designing services.

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