Geoff Moore: The Vow

What memories!  The summer of 96... Arrival in Portland.  The Jesus Northwest Festival.  "The Vow" blasting from the radio in the rental car... first time I ever heard it.  Thank you God for such a wonderful welcome (homecoming?) to the Pacific Northwest!

"The memory is fresh, as if it happened only hours ago. A high-school biology teacher drones on about evolution. Geoff Moore sits there, fidgeting, wanting to say something. His hand shoots up. He challenges the teacher's assumptions. He explains his Christian beliefs about Creation.

"For Geoff, the experience was extremely important. It was one of the first times he'd taken a bold stand for his beliefs.

"It was a cool defining moment for me," says the leader of the popular roots-rock band, Geoff Moore & the Distance.
 "My willingness to take a stand that day gave me more courage to be bold about my faith."

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