UX Week / Panel Discussion: Digital Magazines / Wyatt Mitchell (Wired) & Sara Orvall (Popular Science)

Conversation: Wired, Popular Science iPad versions

Tactile notion: this is the thing you put in your hand. Not as cold or clinical as on the website. It's yours to put in your pocket. Something you want to cuddle up with on the couch.

Social media aspect? Human networking device.

Face palm mistakes along the journey?
Advertising divide.
Underestimated: Get lost in the app. Where they are... Heavier on one side.
Swipe fatigue

Breadth: Microsoft research to designer of hospital Internet. Jonathan Korman from Cooper, now at Cisco.

Cut out, scrapbook, share vs. Digital rights management.
Cut out into bits & pieces -- we could never charge for that because people expect that (and it's a great viral spread medium)
Is it about the value of the packaged whole?

Wyatt: Just brought me down. Often times shot down by digital rights.

2 biggest questions:
Ads. Pass-alongs. 6-7 times typical I. Paper copy. This is what our advertisers pay for.

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