Apple Converging With Android Using HTML 5 as IPad Drives Out Flash: Tech- Bloomberg


The challenge is particularly acute in video games, where iPhone users expect to be able to interact with their friends even if they’re using a different device. Michael Carter, a 27- year-old software engineer, says he has a solution in HTML 5, Bloomberg Businessweek reports in its Feb. 27 issue.

Carter’s company, Game Closure, builds tools that let game developers write one version of their genius idea, then publish it anywhere. In Game Closure’s take on the card game Hearts, for instance, friends in different cities can play against each other using Facebook, an iPhone or an Android tablet. “It’s the future,” said Carter of HTML 5.

At its core, HTML 5 is a set of standards that lets Web browsers understand animations, videos, graphics and other multimedia content without the need to download a plug-in like Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE)’s Flash, which is how most Web videos and graphics are displayed today. Many technologists -- including the late Steve Jobs -- have criticized Flash for being buggy and draining battery life.

New Program’s Promise

The goal of HTML 5, which is gradually making its way into all modern Internet browsers, including ones on mobile devices, is to make sites look and feel just like applications downloaded directly to a phone or desktop. Until recently, that was more of a promise than a reality.

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