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(Nasdaq: AAPL)
 has transformed itself from a computer company to a mobile-device company, a change that began when it ditched "Computer" from its name in January 2007 -- the same day the first iPhone was launched.

Back then, the company was doing $24 billion in annual sales, with desktops and laptops combined accounting for almost 43% of revenue and iPods contributing 35%. Over the past several years, the breakdown has dramatically shifted heavily toward the iPhone, while the iPad was just introduced last year. Here's a breakdown using full-year data.

Source: 10-K annual reports.

Apple's fiscal year closes at the end of September, so this data above goes only through September 2010. The company is scheduled to report fourth-quarter and full fiscal 2011 results on Tuesday. The past three quarters have been whoppers, so it wouldn't be fair to leave them out.

Source: 10-Q quarterly reports.

The picture is crystal clear: iOS devices now comprise the vast majority of Apple's revenue.

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