Berkeley/Stanford rankings

Yay, Berkeley!  Go Cal Bears!  Go... Tree?!


BERKELEY — UC Berkeley’s reputation shines internationally, and the campus’s graduate schools retain high marks nationally, as well, according to two separate rankings made public this week.

Berkeley placed fifth in the world in reputation rankings issued Thursday by the Times Higher Education, the United Kingdom’s leading educational news publication. The rankings are based on a survey of more than 17,500 academics worldwide.

According to the Times‘ analysis of the reputation rankings, Berkeley is part of “an elite Anglo-American cadre of six global university ‘super-brands’ ” that has emerged. Rounding out the sweet six are Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Stanford and Oxford.

“The six occupy what one expert describes as ‘a special zone beyond ordinary competition,’ riding well ahead of the chasing pack and reaping the multiple rewards associated with being the world’s best in teaching and research,” the analysis continued.



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