"Save" Lego creations in digital photos as wall art


"Save" Lego creations in digital photos as wall art

Turn Lego creations into digital wall art

In the spirit of decluttering without destroying your kids' artistic masterpieces, here's a brilliant two-fer Lego hack, from Michelle:

Hack #1: If you have a child that likes to build Lego creations, but wants to keep them together forever, here is a solution! Take a photo of the creation and then you'll have a record of the creation and can break the bricks down and reuse them for the next creation.

Hack #2: I placed my son's Lego creations in front of a white sheet for a backdrop, took a photo with our digital camera and then printed 8x10 photos and hung them in simple black frames.  They look great in his room and he is proud of his creations!

Knowing how passionate some kids are about Legos, this hack strikes me as a major problem-solver.

What do you do you with your child's beloved but bulky construction projects?

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