Product Owners, rise up!

Great social web example of fiercely loyal product owners rallying around their favorite social object to -- counteract what they perceive to be negative web press that doesn't adequately represent their product.

If I were on the fence about buying this camera, stumbling across the DP Review forum thread below would do wonders for bolstering my confidence. Which is exactly what these product owners intend.

Is this one of the reason that Google so prioritizes user generated content in its search algorithm?

Moral of the story: Have awesome product that speaks into the hearts of your customers (ie. "purple cow," a la Seth Godin) and your fans will rally on your behalf.

But it all begins with the product. The Internet slices right through the marketing spin. There's an authenticity to these product owners congregating and self-organizing.

Similarly, can we build product that inspires such fierce loyalty?

(Purple cow = build something "remarkable" = something worth talking about.)

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