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It’s this “finally” that makes Apple such a great company, misunderstood as they may be. Apple isn’t ashamed or scared of Finally. At times it even feels as if they revel in Finally, taking great pride not in being the first to market, but the best in the market.

Apple is willing to take their time to make sure they get it right. It’s quite cunning, really, and extremely simplistic. Apple has no problem letting other companies make mistakes in being the first to market. Apple will patiently sit and watch, learning from the other guys’ mistakes. While Apple customers are always the benefit for this patience, it can often be frustrating, especially as we wait for new features or new products. Our crying out for new features and functionality normally has no effect on Apple. They’ll make the changes when they feel good and ready, making adjustments and implementations only when they believe it will improve the product on the whole. It is in this way and only this way that Apple tries to make their customers happy. They believe they know how to make a great product, and the customers will not be happy until they get the product in their hands. 

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