IDG: 91% of IT and business professionals use iPad for work


On Monday, research firm IDG published a global survey examining Apple’s tablet in the business world. The survey found that 91% of IT and business professionals used their iPads for work, even though only a quarter of the devices had been supplied for corporate use. Like consumers, business professionals use the device for media consumption, but they use their devices on the road far more frequently than anywhere else. Some 79% of IT professionals said they always use their iPads on the road and 54% use the device at home. IDG notes that the iPad hasn’t really prompted the majority of IT and business professionals to abandon any other devices, however, with only 12% saying that their iPad has completely replaced their laptops and just 6% saying it has supplanted their PCs. However, 72% said they were using their notebooks less because of the iPad, with 83% of corporate users describing themselves as being loyal to Apple’s device.

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