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Even the venerable iPhone 4 gets a speed bump with IOS5!  =)


AnandTech ran Apple's new flagship phone through aseries of benchmarks, and the device cruised through the tests -- even topping Samsung's Galaxy Tab under certain conditions. In terms of Javascript performance, the iPhone 4S sailed past Android offerings and nestled close to the Galaxy Tab. In the graphics department, the device also topped the Android competition by a significant margin and neared the iPad 2's ranking.

Once the overall results were tallied, AnandTech concluded, "Using some of the integer and fp tests of published Geekbench scores we can already conclude that Apple is shipping a lower clocked A5 in the iPhone 4S than it does in the iPad 2. This naturally makes sense as the iPhone 4S has a much smaller 5.25 Whr battery." Adding, "Based on the Geekbench results it looks like the iPad 2 is clocked around 25% higher than the iPhone 4S, pegging the latter's clock speed at 800MHz."

So, in short, if you buy the iPhone 4S, you're getting yourself a powerful machine.

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